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Software Services Stack

🚧 In Progress! 🚧

See our Stack Comparison document for rationale on our selections.

✔️ Confirmed

✒️ Backend Language - Rust


  • Rust is a systems programming language which emphasizes memory safety, performance, and productivity.
  • Rust's helpful (and extremely picky) compiler is a fantastic teacher
    • Error messages are clear and thorough
    • Often suggests code corrections, even directs you to code examples!

Learning Resources

📜 Scripting & Tools - Python 3

For short scripts and tools to aid development.

  • Autocoding
  • Integration Tests

❗ Nearing Decision

These are components of our stack that have been reduced to finalists.

🛰️ Web Framework

Currently performing in-house benchmarks for:

📫 API Specification

Currently performing in-house benchmarks for:

👨‍👩‍👦 Inter-Process Communication (IPC)

Currently doing in-house benchmarks for:

⌚ Benchmarks and Load Testing

We're using the following framework(s) on a trial basis:

🚧 On Deck

📚 Database

  • Telemetry Storage
  • Flight Plans
  • Maintenance and Certification Records
  • Customer Rewards Information
  • Data Required By Civil Aviation Authorities

🎮 Game Engine

  • Ground Control Station

🧠 ML & Deep Learning Frameworks

  • Simulation
  • Optimization