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Services Introduction

The software backend of Advanced Aerial Mobility (AAM).

Fleet routing, optimization, vertiport scheduling, flight booking, automated maintenance scheduling, regulatory compliance, and more.

High-Level Documentation

🔭 High-Level Concept of Operations (CONOPS)Goals and motivation for the creation of AAM services. Key components, risk factors, modes of operation, and impact assessment.
💂‍♂️ High-Level Interface Control Document (ICD)The guiding document for technology stacks, authentication methods, and common interfaces of our microservices.
♻️ Systems Engineering Management Plan (SEMP)Document and code lifecycle management.

Relevant Supplementary Materials

🚧 Requirements, User Stories
1️⃣ Phase One Kickoff SlidesDescription of work to be completed prior to first milestone
1️⃣ Phase One Gantt ChartProgress and High-Level Tasks

Microservice Documentation

See our microservice-level documentation through the svc-* folders in this directory.

❗ Currently in Alpha. Documentation in Progress.


See the Arrow-air/services team.

Want to Contribute?

See our Getting Started Guide, and reach out to us on the Arrow Discord!