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We're Bringing
Point to Point Air Travel
to Everyone

Sound Exciting?

Fly between any two points on Earth, using open source hardware from a global team


What is Arrow?

Arrow is building open source vertical-takeoff aircraft and a rideshare protocol that will bring point to point air travel to everyone.

Global community

We are growing a global community of dreamers who believe that air travel is ripe for disruption, and we can all do it together.

Core mission

Our core mission is to increase human physical connectedness by building infrastructure for on-demand, rapid travel between any two points on Earth.


Our ecosystem

The Arrow protocol will bring together builders, riders, operators, and many more in a way never before possible.

Vertical Takeoff Aircraft
Vertical Takeoff Aircraft
Point to Point
Point to Point
Connect Humans
Connect humans
Rideshare Protocol
Rideshare Protocol
Global Team
Global Team
Open Source

Open Source Hardware

We believe that the future of hardware engineering is open source, collaborative, and community owned.

Software Based Engineering

1. Software Based Engineering

Recent advancements in engineering design tools allow for most of the design and iteration process to take place in the digital realm.

At Arrow, we can collaborate digitally to design our aircraft and a highly automated manufacturing process to build it. We'll need a much smaller team on the ground to complete the assembly.

Crypto for Alignment of Incentives

2. Crypto for Alignment of Incentives

All of the business logic for Arrow will live on the Ethereum blockchain. Using this, we can easily send tokens to reward people who make meaningful contributions to our open source work.

There will be a strong incentive for people to join and collaborate instead of competing and stealing.

Idea Meritocracy

3. Idea Meritocracy

The software world has already figured this out, but when everything is shared publicly, ideas become way more important than everything else. In order to contribute to a traditional hardware company, you would need to be located in the right place, have the right credentials, and pass a series of interviews before you even get to look at the good stuff.

At Arrow, none of that matters. Good ideas are always rewarded, no matter who you are. Inevitably, this results in more good ideas.

VTOL Future

The VTOL Future

We believe in an optimistic future where transportation is highly efficient and human-focused. Here's how we get there.

Decentralized transportation

1. Decentralized transportation

As the information economy continues to grow, people will have less reason to live in cities. If all of your work (and lots of your social life) is in the metaverse, many people will choose to live somewhere where they can get more space for less expense.

The current city-based transportation infrastructure is entirely inadequate for a population of people that is more evenly spread out. This is where vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) aircraft come into play. These aircraft can pick up passengers in their front yard and bring them anywhere else that they might want to go. Cities will have shared vertiports so that their citizens can access the more distant communities around them.

The Rideshare Network

2. The Rideshare Network

Users will primarily interface with Arrow aircraft through our rideshare protocol. This will be a network that connects operators of approved aircraft, landing zone and recharging/fueling providers, and people looking to travel. In time, we hope that this network will grow to provide global coverage. For each flight operated on our network, a small commission will be returned to the Arrow treasury so we can reinvest in growth.

Decentralized transportation

3. Decentralized transportation

The Arrow treasury will grow along with the scale of the rideshare network. Eventually, we will have enough resources to fund advanced research that will not only benefit our aircraft, but also many other aspects of the technological world. These would be things like more energy-dense batteries, compact nuclear power, and new manufacturing techniques. Arrow will capture the value as it relates to VTOL aircraft, but all other applications will be free for public use.

We are community led and have many roles for contributors in our friendly Discord