Point to Point Travel
For Everyone

Decentralized & Open Source

Arrow is a decentralized community building vertical-takeoff and landing vehicles (VTOLs) along with the services and infrastructure that will revolutionize the way we transport people and goods.
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We're Open Source & Community Built

Check out some of our progress below
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Arrow's Vision of the Future

Using the power of open source collaboration, we are working towards creating a more efficient, sustainable, and equitable transportation system that utilizes VTOL aircraft and advanced software. Our goal is to allow anyone to succeed by making our technology accessible to everyone.
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Accessible & Affordable

Air transportation should be a button away for everyone. We believe that building in public can help humanity achieve point to point travel and cargo much quicker than building in private.
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A Shared Global
Rideshare Network

A network of VTOL aircraft coordinated in a safe and efficient manner, facilitated by Arrow's open standard rideshare and delivery protocol.
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Open Source Hardware

We are committed to making our VTOL aircraft designs open source and welcoming passionate community members to contribute to projects that help us reach our goals.
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Global Infrastructure of Vertiports & Depots

Arrow will provide open standards for infrastructure like vertiports and delivery depots to enable a global infrastructure that is cabable of bringing VTOL technology anywhere.
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Blockchain Technology Unlocks Collaboration & Incentives

Blockchain technology allows the Arrow DAO to efficiently allocate $ARROW tokens to any meaningful contributor.

It's the future of borderless collaboration.
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Decentralized & Shared Ownership

Decentralization and aligning incentives allow us to bring all stakeholders together to create the future of air transportation. We believe that everyone can benefit from being a part of our transparent ecosystem.

Open Source VTOL
Hardware Engineering

As software technology advances, we can do more and more of the engineering process without a physical presence. Instead of machined prototypes and wind tunnels, we can use CAD models and CFD testing. This type of virtual iteration will be expanding to almost the entire engineering stack over the next decade.

Manned Aircraft: Project Feather

Spearhead, Feather & Riser


Lightweight and powerful


Open Source Avionics

Structure & Aerodynamics

Aerodynamics is the study of flow around solid objects of various shapes (e.g. around an VTOL aircraft wing)

Community of Builders

Forming a community of open source builders to share knowledge and create international 'brain trust'.

Arrow Services

Services is building the software backend of advanced aerial mobility (AAM)

Air Traffic Management

Air traffic management (ATM) and dynamic airspace reconfiguration

Microservices Architecture

Enables Complex Applications to deliver rapidly.

Asset Management

Manage Arrow network assets.

Cargo Delivery Logic

Drone delivery requires complex logic. We're developing Open Source solutions.

Why Arrow is Different

Arrow is bringing the engineering ethos of web3 to the hardware space. Instead of closely guarding trade secrets, we'll be building entirely in public with all of our work open source.

Using this model, we will build a global community of people working towards our shared vision and have a larger "brain trust" than any company building in secret could have.
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Open Source

Open source hardware means the design specifications, schematics, and other related material are freely accessible and modifiable.
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Remote Global Talent

We're leveraging professionals and experts from all over the world who work remotely.
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Rapid Scaling

Open source communities and organizations can quickly iterate on designs, source materials, or shift production scales.
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Shared Ownership

Shared ownership fosters a sense of community, and can lead to diverse input and better products.
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Decentralized Ownership

Blockchain technology allows us to easily reward contributors for their ideas. Alignment of incentives is much easier now that we are able to establish a culture of rewarding valuable ideas with a token allocation.
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Dentralized Governance

Decision-making authority is distributed across our community rather than being held by a central authority.

How to Join the
Arrow Community

Building in public means that contributors don't need to be interviewed and hired before they can begin work. Anyone is free to contribute towards our vision and will be judged on the merit of their work. Follow the steps below to get started!

1. Join Our Discord

Discord is the main hub for our organizational coordination. We have various roles for people with different interests and abilities.

2. Complete Welcome Form

Complete a quick form and you're all set to get involved. Let's change the future of air transportation together.

3. Meet Us at Our Welcome Call

We host a weekly call to meet new community members and show them what we're building at Arrow.

4. Become a Member After Call

Say Hello in the #introductions channel and await a warm welcome to our community. Let's build something great together.
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