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I’m Sig and I'm a content creator, I write articles and make videos, I'm also a governance engineer at DAO with governance experience. And also I’m a flight enthusiast, I have made documentaries about FPV drone in 2018.

Fun fact: I am a digital nomad who has traveled around the world, might be in Bali in the next few months :)

Team contributions

I can help with the following things but haven't had a chance to start:

📈 Growth Team

  • Write articles
  • Promotion in the Chinese world
  • Social Media Operations

🔨 Governance Team

  • Standardize the use of DAO tools
  • Sort out workflows
  • Support onboarding process
  • Incentive mechanism design

Main skills

  • Expressions(articles & videos)
  • Governance(experience in governing a DAO of over 8,000 people)

Please involve me!

In addition to the above, which are within my capabilities (feel free to contact me), I am also interested in expanding overseas markets because of my global experience, but it seems relatively early at this stage.