Open Source & Remote

How We Work

Arrow is made up of a global & remote team of contributors. We are open and inclusive, anyone who wants to get involved in our community is welcome.

If you find Arrow's vision compelling, and want to be apart of the solution, join us today at get started.

Shared Vision

We aim to solve the difficult problems on our journey towards a world were point-to-point VTOL travel is accessible and life-enhancing for all.


Remote mostly, but we like to meet up in person and build together frequently.


A global pool of talent and finger on the pulse of current state of VTOL tech and infrastructure in their countries.

Open Source

We are open source and sharing our progress with humanity. We believe we will achieve the future we want more quickly working together.
Past Events

Arrow Community Events

Some highlights from our amazing meetups, where we build cool VTOL tech, strengthen our community and grow together.

Project Spearhead Build Week

Ankara, Turkey 📍 - August 2022
Our first official meetup where we built and tested project spearhead, our prototype cargo drone. Lots of great Turkish food and getting to know each other.

ETH Denver Meetup

Denver, US 📍 - March 2023
The Arrow team assembled in Denver, Colorado for the annual ETH Denver Conference.

Austin Build Week

Austin, US 📍- March 2023
Immediately post Denver, some of the Engineering contributors gathered to replicate the airframe first created in Turkey.

Ankara Meetup

Ankara, Turkey 📍 - July 2023
Our largest meetup to date - Arrow Contributors and their families worked on VTOL hardware before a well earned vacation week in the Black Sea region of Turkey.

Arrow Contributors

Arrow is built from the ground up by passionate professional and volunteer contributors. We working groups called Pods which are aligned with Arrow's mission but operate with a high degree of autonomy.

New contributors are always welcome! The best way to join to attend the weekly welcome call.

Engineering Pod

Our Engineering team is committed to the development of open source VTOL aircraft. Rapid feedback allows us to develop reliable, safe and affordable hardware that is accessible to everyone.
Aeronautical Engineer
Electrical Engineer
Electrical Engineer
Electrical Engineer
Aeronautical Engineer

Services Pod

Services is building the software backend of advanced aerial mobility (AAM). Currently focused on VTOL cargo delivery, eventually we seek to support rideshare as well.
A.M. Smith
Systems Engineering
Backend Developer
Miss Queen
Design Director
Software Developer

Growth & Ops Pod

Growth & Operations plays a pivotal role in nurturing and expanding Arrows's community and developing strategies that will grow the organization in healthy and sustainable ways.
Founder & Developer
Community Manager
Growth & Design
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New Members

Would you like to help contribute to one of our Pods? Or perhaps even propose a pod that advances our mission? Follow the steps below to become a part of the Arrow Community.
First Monday of Month | 8pm UTC

Arrow Monthly Community Call

On the first Monday of each month we get together online and a representative from each Pod gives us an overview of the past month's progress.

Newcomers are always welcome, it's a great opportunity to get updates see where you can contribute.

How to Join the
Arrow Community

Building in public means that contributors don't need to be interviewed and hired before they can begin work. Anyone is free to contribute towards our vision and will be judged on the merit of their work. Follow the steps below to get started!

1. Join Our Discord

Discord is the main hub for our organizational coordination. We have various roles for people with different interests and abilities.

2. Complete Welcome Form

Complete a quick form and you're all set to get involved. Let's change the future of air transportation together.

3. Meet Us at Our Welcome Call

We host a weekly call to meet new community members and show them what we're building at Arrow.

4. Become a Member After Call

Say Hello in the #introductions channel and await a warm welcome to our community. Let's build something great together.
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